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VIP Membership

Gold VIP Customer Program:

If your drop shipping sales go beyond $2000/month or 70 orders/month, you can apply to join the gold VIP Customer program. When you are approved, we will give you certain coupon so that you can use when you make the drop shipping orders. For example, we can assign you some coupons like: $2 off for any order over $50, $4 off for any order over $100 etc. The more you buy, the more discount you will enjoy. Our sales assistant will help you one by one to build your business and help you with the after sales problems.

VIP Program:
Our VIP Club is a program that offers a range of services & privileges exclusively to our most frequent buyers. There is no cost to join the VIP Club program. Membership is FREE for eligible members.

How to Apply for VIP Membership:
For buyer whose average transaction value is over $1000/month, our system set him as a VIP member with one month period. At the end of the month, we will evaluate his status again.
For buyer whose average transaction value is over $5000/month, our system set him as a VIP member with five months period, at the end of this period, we'll evaluate his status again.
If you think you are eligible, you can email us at

VIP Benefits:
Buy at the 50+ price(the lowest price) always no matter how many do you buy in one purchase.
Buy with less shipping and handling fees.
Have direct phone number to discuss any of your problems with our products and Priority to be served by our service including shipping, tracking, email service etc..

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